All Sorts of Insects – Puppet Show

Toad Gets Bugged

Characters:  Teddy Toad, Shirley Spider, Davy Dragonfly, Bombardier Beetle, Giant Water Bug.

Teddy Toad  I’ve worked up quite an appetite in the garden today and a nice insect would taste great. (tapping sound) Is that the pitter patter of little buggy feet I hear? Who’s that walking down my garden path?

Shirley Spider  It’s me, Shirley Spider. Let me pass!

Toad  Afraid not! I’m ready for an insect snack and a crunchy bug like you would be perfect. Continue reading All Sorts of Insects – Puppet Show

Leaves: Nature’s Suncatchers – Puppet Show

Leaf It to Leaves!

Characters: Woody Woodchuck, Freda Fern, Pine Needles, Gertie Grass, Chlorophyll, Maple Leaf

Props: carbon dioxide, water drop, sun, clover leaf, words to song.

Woody Woodchuck  (singing while holding clover) I’m looking over a four-leaf clover that I overlooked before. Mmm – I certainly do love leaves. They make such wonderful meals for a woodchuck. And they come in all shapes and sizes. (Freda Fern enters, clover exits) Why, hello there, Freda Fern. I was just thinking about you.

Freda Fern  You were? Why’s that? I’m all ears – well, actually I’m all leaves. Continue reading Leaves: Nature’s Suncatchers – Puppet Show

Conifer Clues – Puppet Show

A Very Pine Day

Characters: Reddy Red Squirrel, Hemlock Branch, Spruce Branch, Fir Branch, Pine Branch.

Reddy Red Squirrel  Oh boy, it’s time for lunch! I just have to find a kine pone so I can eat some seeds.

Hemlock  Don’t you mean find a pinecone?

Squirrel  Of course! Find a pinecone. That’s what I said…I think. Anyway, now I’ve found one, right here on your branch.

Hemlock  No, you haven’t. I’m not a pine, and this little cone isn’t a pinecone. Continue reading Conifer Clues – Puppet Show

Snowflakes – Puppet Show

No Two Alike?


Characters: Dust, Tiny Plate, Big Plate, Needle, Column, Capped Column, Stellar Dendrite.

Dust  Here I am, a tiny speck of dust floating in a cloud of snow crystals. Yoo hoo. Hello there.

Needle What’s this? A speck of talking dust.

Why, I was once a bit of dust, too.

Dust  Really? You look like ice, not dust. Continue reading Snowflakes – Puppet Show

Track Detectives – Puppet Show

Tracking the Tracker

Characters: Harry Hare, Sally Squirrel, Fiona Fawn, Ollie Otter, Peter Porcupine.

Props: Group of Four Tracks Pattern, Single Line of Tracks Pattern, Paired Tracks of Different Sizes Pattern, Paired Tracks of the Same Size Pattern, Hare Pattern (2X).

Harry Hare  (hopping back and forth) Oh boy! Snow on the ground. What fun! (hold up Group of Four Tracks Pattern) Oh, look! Some tracks. Four prints together, then a space, then four more together. Maybe I can find a clue about who made these. Hmm…they go right to a tree. I know! These are squirrel tracks!

Sally Squirrel  You’re a good track detective, Harry! Those are my tracks. Continue reading Track Detectives – Puppet Show

Feathering the Nest – Puppet Show

Birds of a Feather

Characters: Mrs. Bluebird, Mr. Bluebird, Red-eyed Vireo, Phoebe, Goldfinch

Mrs. Bluebird  Well, that’s the last straw!

Mr. Bluebird  What is it, my dear? Is something the matter?

Mrs. Bluebird  The matter? No, I just said that’s the last straw. I’ve just added the last piece of straw to our nest, and now it’s done.

Mr. Bluebird  And a more beautiful nest I’ve never seen. I always admire your great talent in nest building. It must have been hard to learn. Continue reading Feathering the Nest – Puppet Show

Animal Disguise and Surprise – Puppet Show

Bumble Bee-ware

Characters: Beulah Bumblebee, Greta Grouse, Wilbur Walkingstick, Farley Fawn, Benny Bagworm, Eddy Eft.

Props: branch

Beulah Bumblebee

            How nice to be a bumblebee,

            Flying along as free as free.

            Gathering nectar from flowers I see, Continue reading Animal Disguise and Surprise – Puppet Show

Frogs and Toads – Puppet Show

Two Lives Are Better than One

Characters:  Teddy Toad Tadpole, Freddy Frog Tadpole, Teddy Toad, Freddy Frog, Emmy Eft, Mindy Mink.

Prop: Sign saying “Months Later”

Freddy Tadpole Hello, Teddy Tadpole

Teddy Tadpole  Hello, Freddy Tadpole.

Freddy When I grow up, I’m gonna be a frog. I’m not gonna have a tail anymore and I’m gonna have four long legs so I can leap!  How about you? Continue reading Frogs and Toads – Puppet Show

Ferns and Fiddleheads – Puppet Show

A Ferntastic Journey

Characters:  Girl, Genie, Ferns: Polypody, Christmas, Interrupted, Ostrich, Hayscented, Lady

Props: Fiddlehead – curl one end of a pipe cleaner into a spiral; magnifying lens.

Girl  Oh gee, I’ve been studying ferns all day and I just can’t tell them apart. I wish I had some genius for this kind of thing. (Genie enters) Huh? Who are you?

Genie  A genie. That’s who. You said you wanted some kind of a genie and so here I am.

Girl  But I said genius. I was talking about ferns. Continue reading Ferns and Fiddleheads – Puppet Show

Sunlight and Shadow – Puppet Show

The Sun is Falling!

Characters: Gracie Grouse, Myrtle Turtle, Honeybee, Rosie Raspberry, Benjy Bear.

Gracie Grouse  Squawk, squawk! Look out, look out! The sun is falling! The sun is falling!

Myrtle Turtle: The sun is falling? How do you know, Gracie Grouse?

Grouse  How do I know? Why, it was high up above my head just a little while ago. And now look, it’s halfway down the sky. It must be falling down! Continue reading Sunlight and Shadow – Puppet Show