About This Publication

Nearby Nature is a publication of the Four Winds Nature Institute.


Written by Chris Runcie and Deb Parrella with contributions from Jen Brown, Susan Sawyer, Karen Murphy, Cory Stephenson, Mike Clough, Emily Pals, Lisa Purcell and Rob Anderegg.

Protected materials: illustrations by Susan Sawyer, Deb Parrella, Mike Clough, Carol Bam.

Next Generation Science Standards outlines by Jen Brown and Chris Runcie. NGSS outlines are available in the Protected: Materials section of each unit.
Click here for an overview of NGSS and Common Core connections.

Photographs by: Jamie Beaulieu, Roy Pilcher, Van Purcell.

Technology Advisor is Bennington Purcell.
Website managed by Van Purcell.
Proofreaders: Sonia DeYoung and Kathleen Donna.

All materials copyright of:
Four Winds Nature Institute
4 Casey Road
Chittenden, VT 05737

For information about the Four Winds Nature Institute and our natural science programs and curriculum, visit www.fwni.org.

All of us at Four Winds Nature Institute are deeply grateful to
The Canaday Family Charitable Trust for the generous support that made this project possible!

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