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Nearby Nature!Boys in frog pond

This is a collection of natural science lessons and explorations designed to get children and adults outside learning together in every season. Each unit supports the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core with a focus on the practices of science.

Example: Standards Alignment Chart Sample for Spiders

Children learn science by doing science: observing the world around them, asking questions, and using all their senses to explore and investigate.

Adults play a critical role here by giving children the time and space for these outdoor learning opportunities. In addition, an adult who shares in the excitement of discovery is a wonderful role model, nurturing both a child’s sense of wonder and sense of place.

Volunteer and child

Each lesson in Nearby Nature includes a background essay, learning activities, a puppet show, and links to learning standards. And now we’re including “Nearby Nature from Home” outlines in each unit’s materials so teachers can include these outdoor explorations in their remote learning plans and as place-based extensions to their science curriculum.
These lessons are used by hundreds of volunteers and teachers each month as part of the Four Winds Nature Program.

The lessons are organized into five different year-long units of study:
Patterns in Nature
Structure and Function
Cycles in Nature

Program Materials:

In addition to the background essays, learning activities and puppet shows, Four Winds has also created teacher resource pages, teaching outlines, Nearby Nature from Home/School extended explorations outlines, journal prompts, fun color paper puppets, search cards, children’s bibliographies, and other teaching materials. Schools participating in the Nature Program can access these posted materials with their concept’s password. These materials are also available by annual subscription. Contact Four Winds for more information.

teacher resources page

Example: Standards Alignment Chart Sample for Spiders

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