Sunlight and Shadow – Puppet Show

The Sun is Falling!

Characters: Gracie Grouse, Myrtle Turtle, Honeybee, Rosie Raspberry, Benjy Bear.

Gracie Grouse  Squawk, squawk! Look out, look out! The sun is falling! The sun is falling!

Myrtle Turtle: The sun is falling? How do you know, Gracie Grouse?

Grouse  How do I know? Why, it was high up above my head just a little while ago. And now look, it’s halfway down the sky. It must be falling down!

Turtle Yikes! I need the sun to warm me up. We cold-blooded animals can’t make our own body heat the way you birds do. Without the sun, I’d be just a cold bump on a log!

Grouse  Well we birds need the sun too. Without any sun, it’d be too cold for any animals. You’d better soak it up while you can, Myrtle Turtle. I’m going to tell Benjy Bear. He’s strong. Maybe he can push it back up into the sky.

Turtle  Good idea. You go ahead. You’re faster than me, so I’ll wait here. Good luck! (both exit)

Grouse Squawk, look out! The sun is falling! The sun is falling!

Heidi Honeybee  The sun is falling? How can that buzz buzz beeeee?

Grouse  Just look! It was halfway down the sky a little while ago. And now it’s even lower and nearly touching the treetops.

Honeybee: Oh no! We beezzz need the sun! The sun’s rays give us light so we can see where we’re going. To us, it’s the bee’s knees!

Grouse  Well, I need it to see, too! It’ll be completely dark when the sun is gone!

Honeybee  If it’s dark, we won’t beeee able to find flowers and gather nectar. Without nectar, we can’t make any honey to eat!

Grouse  Well, don’t worry. I’m going to find Benjy Bear to push it back up.

Honeybee Good idea! I’d better buzz over to those flowers and fill up with nectar while I still can. Buzz, buzz, bye! (both exit)

Grouse Squawk, look out! The sun is falling! The sun is falling!

Raspberry Hi, Gracie Grouse. What do you mean the sun is falling?

Grouse Just look at it. The sun was touching the treetops a while ago, and now it’s so low, it’s just above those mountains.

Raspberry  You’re right, it is low! And it’s getting cooler. We plants need sunlight! We need the sun’s energy to make leaves and flowers and berries, and nectar for bees.

Grouse Without the sun, there’d be no plants, and without plants, there’d be no food for animals.

Raspberry And without sun, there’d be no rain either. The sun warms the water that makes the clouds that give us rain. No sun – no rain – no plants – no animals!

Grouse  This is serious! I’m going to find Benjy Bear to see if he can push the sun back up in the sky.

Raspberry Good idea. With these ripe berries of mine, Benjy won’t be far away. (exits)

Grouse Squawk, look out! The sun is falling! The sun is falling!

Benjy Bear Hi, Gracie Grouse.  What do you mean the sun is falling?

Grouse  See how low it is? It’s going to fall behind the mountains in no time.

Bear  Gee, that’s too bad. I like taking naps in the warm sun.

Grouse  Quick, Benjy. You’re strong. Can you push it back up in the sky?

Bear  Well, I could try. I could climb a tree to get closer…Oh no! Look! We’re too late!

Grouse  There it goes. Goodbye, Sun!

Bear Goodbye, Sun! Gosh, what’ll we do now? No more sun.

Grouse  No, but look at the pretty sky.

Bear  It is pretty. Red, orange, pink, yellow. It’s even better than yesterday’s sunset.

Grouse  Yes, even prettier than yesterday.

Bear  Yesterday? Hey, wait a minute, Gracie Grouse. The sun went down yesterday, too! I don’t think the sun is falling. I think it goes behind those mountains every night.

Grouse  Why, you know, I think you’re right. It does! And it comes up over there (pointing) every morning!

Bear  Yup! That just dawned on me, too.

Grouse But how can the sun go down on one side of us and come up on another?

Bear  Hmm. I’ve heard it’s because the Earth is rotating – turning like a top. In the daytime, our side is facing the sun, but at night we’re on the back side, away from the sun. Phew! Makes my head spin!

Grouse  I think you’re right, Benjy. Gee, you are a smart bear!

Bear  Gosh, thanks. No one’s ever said that about me before. I guess I have a real flare for solar science!

Grouse  You sure do. I’m glad the sun isn’t falling – so we can have daytime for feeding and nighttime for roosting.

Benjy  And warm sun for a nap

Grouse  And light to find our way.

Bear  And don’t forget, it gives us energy so plants can grow and make us food.

Grouse  The sun sure is important. We couldn’t live without it!

Bear Yup, the sun’s a real Star!

Grouse Hey, let’s have a party to celebrate the sun. We can invite everyone over for ice cream sundaes!

Bear  Mmm, I like that idea! I love sunny days and I love ice cream sundaes.

Grouse Me too!



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