Signs of Leaf Eaters – Puppet Show

Leaf-eaters and their Foes


Characters: Benjy Bear, Leafcutter Caterpillar on leaf, Chickadee, Gertie Grass, Grady Grasshopper, Freddie Fox

Benjy Bear  Boy, my belly’s so full of berries, I need a nap. I’ll just lie down in the shade of this maple tree. (leaf enters) Why, look at that leaf. I wonder why it has those big holes in it?

Leafcutter  They don’t call me a leafcutter for nothing!

Bear  A leafcutter? You look like a caterpillar. Continue reading Signs of Leaf Eaters – Puppet Show

Life in the Dirt – Puppet Show

Worm Wonderings

Characters: Woggle Worm, Wiggle Worm, Dandelion, Cicada, Mole

Woggle Worm Is that you, Wiggle?

Wiggle Worm  Hi, Woggle! It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. What have you been up to?

Woggle  You mean down to. I’ve just been enjoying the dirt. And now that we’ve gotten some rain, it’s so easy to get around!

Wiggle  And easy to breathe. When you breathe through your skin, the way we worms do, you need to stay damp. Continue reading Life in the Dirt – Puppet Show

Leaf Litter – Puppet Show

Litter Critter Jig

Characters: Woodcock, Dead Leaf, Millipede, Fungus, Eft, Springtail.


Wanda Woodcock (dancing) Step to the right, give a little jiggle, step to the left, make the worms wiggle.

Dead Leaf  That’s a nice dance you’re doing, whoever you are.

Woodcock  I’m Wanda Woodcock, and I’m not dancing. I’m jiggling the ground to make the worms wiggle so I can catch ’em! Continue reading Leaf Litter – Puppet Show

Snags and Rotting Logs – Puppet Show

Cleaning House

Characters: Benjy Bear, Sappy Sapsucker, Sammy Squirrel, Carpenter Ant Queen, Sally Salamander.

Props: dead snag, rotting log, spray bottle, cotton balls, loop on back of stage to hold up props.

(Dead snag prop on stage.)

Benjy Bear  Gee, look at all these rotten snags and logs. As manager of this forest, I need to do a little house cleaning. Better get rid of some of the dead wood, like this old, rotten maple tree here.

Sappy Sapsucker  Wait just a minute, Benjy Bear! I need that tree! Continue reading Snags and Rotting Logs – Puppet Show

Staying Warm – Puppet Show


Characters: Matthew Mouse, Matilda Mouse, Dory Doe, Chelsey Chickadee, Rocky Raccoon

Props: small strip of fur, 6” piece of feather boa, bag labeled “Nuts” prop; special stage with tunnel and chamber under the snow.

(Puppets appear on top of the snow)

Matthew  Hey Matilda, let’s go out for a walk in the snow.

Matilda  Sorry, Matthew. I’ve decided to hibernate like Woody Woodchuck and sleep until spring. So, see you in May!

Matthew  Matilda, hibernating is much more than sleeping. Only a few animals can do it, and white-footed mice like us are not hibernators. Continue reading Staying Warm – Puppet Show

Squirrel Tales – Puppet Show

A Tree Party

Characters: Rocky Raccoon, Grady Gray Squirrel, Rita Red Squirrel, Floyd Flying Squirrel (two-sided).

Props: several conifer cones and one stripped cone.

Rocky Raccoon  Oh boy, this is going to be fun. I love block parties. All the neighbors get together and everyone brings along some food to share.

Grady Gray Squirrel  Hi, Rocky! I don’t usually see you in the daytime, especially in winter. You’re usually asleep in your den.

Raccoon  I would be asleep, but my stomach woke me up. I haven’t eaten in two weeks. Tonight’s potluck supper should be a feast! Continue reading Squirrel Tales – Puppet Show

White-tailed Deer – Puppet Show

A Couple of Bucks

Characters: Benny Buck, Billy Buck (both spikehorns), Oak Sapling, Sally Squirrel, Smiley Coyote.

Benny Buck  I am the biggest herbivore in the forest, so look out!

Sapling Herbivore? What do you mean by that?

Benny Buck  You know, it means I eat plants.

Sapling I was afraid of that. But you aren’t the biggest plant-eater, you know, because moose are bigger than you. Continue reading White-tailed Deer – Puppet Show

Stream Life – Puppet Show

The Net Result

Characters: Ellie, Dad, Maisie Mayfly nymph, Steven Stonefly nymph, Justin Case caddisfly larva.

Props: large magnifying lens; coat hanger, scrub brush, bottlebrush or round hair brush.

Ellie  Hey, Dad. Is it okay if I stay here while you fish? I want to look for a special rock to take home. I’ve got my magnifying lens with me. (hold up lens) See?

Dad  Okay, but I’m going to move upstream where your splashing won’t scare all the fish away! (exits)

Ellie  Thanks, Dad. Oh, here’s a nice rock. Continue reading Stream Life – Puppet Show

Forest Birds – Puppet Show

Characters: Benjy Bear, Squirrel, Caterpillar, Cuckoo, Scarlet Tanager, Sapsucker.

Benjy Bear  Hooey. I’m so full, I can bearly climb this tree.

Squirrel  Yeah, and I’d say you’re one silly bear, but I wouldn’t want to go out on a limb.  So, whatcha doin’ up here, Benjy?

Bear  Oh, I like to see what’s going on in the forest. Up here, I can see into the treetops where the beechnuts grow.

Squirrel  That’s the canopy – can’t top that! Continue reading Forest Birds – Puppet Show

Pond Life – Puppet Show

Once Upon a Pond

Characters: Tadpole, Frog, Whirligig Beetle, Lily Pad, Damselfly Nymph, Dragonfly Nymph.

Props: water lilies, crown, loop on back of stage to hold up lily prop.


Tadpole  Tell me a story, Daddy!

Father Frog  Once upon a time there was a fierce dragon who lived at the bottom of a pond.

Tadpole  Ooooh, a scary fairy tale. Continue reading Pond Life – Puppet Show