Leaves: Nature’s Suncatchers – Puppet Show

Leaf It to Leaves!

Characters: Woody Woodchuck, Freda Fern, Pine Needles, Gertie Grass, Chlorophyll, Maple Leaf

Props: carbon dioxide, water drop, sun, clover leaf, words to song.

Woody Woodchuck  (singing while holding clover) I’m looking over a four-leaf clover that I overlooked before. Mmm – I certainly do love leaves. They make such wonderful meals for a woodchuck. And they come in all shapes and sizes. (Freda Fern enters, clover exits) Why, hello there, Freda Fern. I was just thinking about you.

Freda Fern  You were? Why’s that? I’m all ears – well, actually I’m all leaves.

Woodchuck  That’s what I was thinking about – leaves. Yours are so pretty – delicate, lacey, and such a lovely shade of green.

Fern  Yes, I think my leaves are just fern-tastic. They even have a special name.

Woodchuck  You mean “fronds”?

Fern  That’s right, and I’m very frond of them. In fact, I’d be nothing without them. Well, see you later, Woody. (fern exits)

Woodchuck  Bye, Freda. (pine needles enter) Wow, who are you? You look dangerous with all those sharp points!

Pine Needles  They’re called needles – pine needles, that is. And I think they make me look pretty sharp.

Woodchuck  They sure do. I wonder why pine trees have needles but other kinds of trees have leaves.

Pine Needles  Woody, needles are leaves – they’re the leaves on pines and other evergreen trees.

Woodchuck  Really? But they’re so skinny and hard.

Pine Needles  Needles have a hard waxy coating to keep them from drying out. That’s why they can stay on the tree all year long.

Woodchuck  But it’s so cold in winter! Don’t they just turn blue?

Pine Needles  No, silly! If they did we’d be called “everblues” instead of evergreens! (Pine exits, grass enters)

Woodchuck  Oh, hi there, Gertie Grass. Gee, a grass leaf sure is long and narrow compared to other leaves.

Grass  That’s why it’s called a “blade” of grass. It’s narrow and has sharp edges like a knife. But be-leaf me, it’s still a leaf.

Woodchuck  Talking about leaves makes me hungry. Are you getting hungry, Gertie?

Grass  Me? No, plants don’t get hungry.

Woodchuck  Really? But everybody gets hungry! We all need to eat to get energy to live and grow.

Grass  Well, plants just don’t get hungry.

Woodchuck  Okay, if that’s true, then how do you get energy to make leaves, fruits, seeds, and all the other good things I like to eat? You can’t just make them out of thin air.

Grass  Actually, that’s just what we do.

Woodchuck  Come on, you’re joking – how can you make leaves out of air?

Grass  Well, not just air. We need water from the soil, too.

Woodchuck  Sounds like magic. So where does the energy come from to turn air and water into leaves, fruits, and seeds?

Grass  Why, from the sun, of course. Our leaves are like solar panels. They catch sunlight and use the energy to make food.

Woodchuck  Amazing! How do they do it?

Grass  The secret is chlorophyll. It’s what makes our leaves green.

Woodchuck  Well, I’m green with envy! But I don’t really understand how it works.

Grass  Then you’d better talk to my plant manager. Why, here he comes now. (exits)

Chlorophyll  Hi, Phil’s the name – Chloro-phyll, that is! I’m the green stuff in leaves. I help turn sunshine into food.  It’s called photosynthesis.

Woodchuck  Photo-synthesis? That’s a big word. How do you do it?

Chlorophyll  It’s easy to understand if you learn this simple song (sung to the tune of “Frére Jacques”):

Plants begin with

Carbon dioxide (hold up CO2 prop)

From the air

From the air

Water from the soil (hold up water drop)

Add a dose of sunshine (hold up sun)

Makes our food

Enough to share!

Woodchuck  Hey, that’s a catchy tune.  But I’m kind of shy when it comes to singing.

Chlorophyll  Then let’s get everyone to sing along. All together now. (repeat song) Hey, that was pretty good. Now, I’d better get back to work – catching sunshine and making food –  not just for plants but for everyone. See you around! (exits)

Woodchuck  Goodbye, Chlorophyll. Thanks for sharing your song – and your food with us. (maple leaf enters) Hello! Where did you come from?

Maple Leaf    I just blew off that tree over there. I’m a maple leaf. Just call me Sugar.

Woodchuck  Gee, you’re so colorful – all yellow and orange. Hey, wait a minute, you’re not green! Where’s your chlorophyll?

Maple Leaf    I used to have chlorophyll when I was younger. But in the fall leaves like me stop making food, and the chlorophyll fades away. Now you can see all the other colors that were hidden by the green.

Woodchuck  Well, you sure look jazzy!

Maple Leaf  Gee, thanks! You’re making me blush!

Woodchuck  Leaves come in all different shapes and styles – fronds, blades, needles…

Maple Leaf  We may look different, but we all do the same job – making food for plants.

Woodchuck  And for animals, too. Photosynthesis is really important work! Why, we couldn’t live without you.

Maple Leaf  Yes, I know. It’s a big job, but we can handle it, Woody. Just leaf it to us!

The End


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