Wind and Clouds Aloft – Puppet Show

Head in the Clouds

Characters: Benjy Bear, Wilma Wind, Chippy Chipmunk, Gus Cumulus, Stanley Stratus, Siri Cirrus

Props:  Cumulonimbus, water spray bottle

Benjy Bear  Brr!  It’s windy and cold today. I thought spring was here, but it feels like winter’s back. Hey, Wilma Wind, why are you so cold today?

Wilma Wind  Because I’m blowing from the north where it’s still freezing. I thought I’d bring you a refreshing blast of polar air.

Bear  Uh…thanks, but I’m ready for some nice warm weather.

Wind  Oh, you want the south wind then. But it might bring along some rain. Now if it’s sunny, dry weather you want, then wait for the west wind. When the wind is in the west, then the weather’s at its best.

Bear  Huh! So north wind’s cold, south wind’s warm, west wind’s sunny. What about an east wind?

Wind  Ooooooooo, when the wind is in the east, neither fit for man nor beast!

Bear  Wow, guess I don’t want an east wind! I just want some warm weather so plants can start growing and I can get something fresh to eat.

Wind  Well, you might have to wait a day or two, but when I’m a-blowing, there’s sure to be a change in the weather.

Bear  What kind of a change?

Wind  You’ll have to ask the clouds. I can’t stay around to shoot the breeze. So loooong! (exits)

Bear  Ask the clouds? Who talks to clouds? And anyway, what can clouds tell me?

Chipmunk  Oh, you can learn a lot from the clouds, Benjy.  I should know. I’m a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

Bear  The Cloud Appreciation Society? What’s that?

Chipmunk  Well, all the members think everyone should pay more attention to clouds. They’re beautiful and all so different, and they can give you clues about the weather.

Bear  About the weather?

Chipmunk  Sure! You should get to know some clouds, Benjy Bear… Yikes! I’m late for our meeting. Gotta go!

Bear  Bye, Chippy. Get to know clouds? I guess it can’t hurt to try. There’s a big puffy cloud there. Pssst. Hello, Cloud! What’s your name?

Cumulus  Why, Sonny, I thought everyone knew me. I’m Gus the Cumulus!

Bear  Hello, Gus. Um, what does cumulus mean?

Cumulus  It means heaped up. You know – like the word accumulate, which means “pile up.” We start small and grow taller and taller. I’m an accumulating cumulus – a heaped-up cloud!

Bear  You look like a big puffy pillow. I bet you’d make a comfortable bed!

Cumulus Well, Sonny, it might look that way, but I’m just a bunch of water droplets floating in the air. I couldn’t hold up a beetle, much less a bear.

Bear  Too bad. Are you a rain cloud?

Cumulus  Me? No. Most of the time we’re fair weather clouds. But watch out for my cousin, cumulonimbus. He’s a real thunderhead!

Bear  Uh oh! How will I know him?

Cumulus  He’s much taller and darker than me. Why – he can grow miles high. Look, there he is now! (hold up cumulonimbus)  If he comes this way, you better find shelter and wait for him to pass.

Bear  Okay, I sure don’t want to be caught in a thunderstorm.

Cumulus  That’s for sure! Well, the wind is blowing me along. So good-bye, Benjy. Keep your head in the clouds!

Bear  G’bye, Gus. Gee, now the sky is covered with a big gray cloud – it’s like a blanket over the sky. Hello! What kind of cloud are you?

Stratus  I’m Stanley Stratus cloud. I block out the sun and make the sky overcast.

Bear  A strategy cloud?

Stratus No, a stratus cloud. It means “layer.” I cover the sky in one big layer. You won’t find me getting all puffy and tall like a cumulus. (spray water)

Bear  Hey! You must be a rain cloud!

Stratus  Naw, just a little drizzle, light rain, or snow. Or a bank of fog. Fog is just a stratus cloud on the ground. Guess I can be kind of a wet blanket.

Bear  Shucks, are you going to rain on my picnic?

Stratus Not today. See, the wind is picking up. It’ll blow me away. Off I go. (exits)

Bear  Bye, Stanley Stratus. Hey, there’s a different kind of cloud, high up in the sky – just the merest wisp.

Cirrus  Neigh, neigh! I’m not the merest! I’m a Cirrus! I’m Siri the Cirrus cloud.

Bear  What’s a cirrus cloud?

Cirrus  Cirrus means curl. See how I look like curling strands of hair? Sometimes we’re called mare’s tails.

Bear  You look different from other clouds.

Cirrus  Well, we’re the highest clouds in the sky. It’s so cold up here, we’re made of ice crystals. The wind blows us into long swirls.

Bear  Do cirrus clouds mean good weather?

Cirrus  Well, you see us when the sky is blue, but there could be bad weather in a day or two. But I don’t want to be a neigh-sayer. Whoa! The wind’s blowing at a gallop! I’m off! (exits)

Bear Boy, clouds really are different – heaped up, spread out in layers, wispy strands. You sure can learn a lot about the weather from clouds and wind. Yup, you sure can.

Chipmunk  Hi, Benjy, did you meet any clouds today?

Bear  Oh yes – a whole bank of them.

Chipmunk  Well, we’d like you to join the

Cloud Appreciation Society!

Bear  Why, thanks, Chippy. I’m honored! And to show you what a good member I’ll be, I’m going to lie right down (tilt puppet and lower behind stage so only head and front leg show), look up at the sky (yawn), and get right to work appreciating clouds. (snore)


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