Water – Puppet Show

Do Drop In!


Characters: Wilma Water Drop, Willy Water Drop, Melvin Mallard, Slinky Mink, Molly Mole

Props:  Tree, water sprayer


(puppets sway back and forth)

Wilma Water Drop  Hi, Willy Water Drop. Gee, the waves are huge today here in the ocean. It’s like surfing! Weeee! This is fun!

Willy Water Drop  You might like surfing, Wilma Water Drop, but I’m getting seasick.

Wilma  I can hear the waves crashing on the shore. Maybe we’ll get tossed onto dry land!

Willy  Oh, probably. Then we’ll have to go all the way through the water cycle to get back to the ocean.

Wilma  Of course! That’s how water moves around, from here on earth, up into the air and back again. It’s fun being in the water cycle!

Willy  You might have fun, but I’ll probably get stuck in a glacier for a million years.

Wilma  We’ve had some adventures over the eons, haven’t we? A long time ago I rained down onto a dinosaur!

Willy  Yeah, well I was boiling hot steam from a volcano. That was not fun!

Wilma But isn’t it great that we can be steam or water vapor or snowflakes? We get to move around and change form too!

Willy It makes my head spin.

Wilma  Whoopee! We’re being thrown into the air. We’re sea spray now! We’re off for a ride through the water cycle! See you when we get back to the sea! (exits)

Willy  Oh, great. Now I’m getting airsick! The wind is carrying me to shore. With my luck, I’ll probably end up in a fog bank. (exits)

Duck  (singing to the tune of Little White Duck) I’m a little mallard duck, swimming in the water, a little mallard duck, doin’ what he ought-er. …Gee, the mist is heavy today. I can barely see across this pond. Such nice weather for ducks! I’d better oil my feathers to stay dry underneath.

Willy  (appearing on duck’s back) Ooof. Where am I? It feels very slippery here.

Duck  You’re on me, Melvin Mallard. You’re getting my feathers all wet, Willy Water Drop!

Willy I’m sorry, Melvin. I’m just a bit of sea spray, blown in from the ocean, and I just want to go through the water cycle and get back to the sea.

Duck  Well, I can get you going on your way. I’ll just shake my wings. (tips up)

Willy Help! I’m sliding! (slides off)

Duck  Like water off a duck’s back! Quack quack. So long, Willy Water Drop. (exits)

Willy  Oh, great. Now I’m in a pond. Fresh water, yuck! No salt, no waves. (spray water) And now it’s raining! Oof! Hey, watch where you’re going, raindrops! Uh oh, the water’s rising. Looks like I’m going to be water over the dam. Heeelp! (exits)

Willy  (moving in lateral circles) Isn’t this fun? I thought this river would carry me back to the sea, but I’m stuck in an eddy. I’ve been here for days.

Mink  My, my, am I thirsty.

Willy  Oh, great! I might end up inside a mink!

Mink  Better yet, this looks like a good place to go fishing. I’ll just dive in here. (dives under and comes up)

Will  Hey, you’re splashing me!

Mink  Just call me Slinky Minky. Always making waves! Watch this! (dives down and comes up; water drop lurches to the side)

Willy Yikes! You splashed me right out of the water! Now I’m stuck on dry land.

Mink  Well, when you’re dealing with me, things can change in the mink of an eye!

So long, Willy Water Drop. (exits)

Willy  Oh, boy. Now I’m sinking, into the ground! Help! (exits)

Mole  Now, now, what’s this? Water in my tunnel again! Well, I never!

Willy  It’s just me, Willy Water Drop. I just want to keep going through the water cycle, but now I’m stuck underground.

Mole  Well, well, you’re just making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Willy  Easy for you to say, Molly Mole. You can dig yourself out of a bad situation, but I just have to wait and wonder.

Mole  What you need are roots, Willy, tree roots. There are plenty of them down here. I should know. It’s all I can do to keep them out of my tunnels.

Willy  Tree roots? You mean all these stringy things that keep tangling me up? How will they help me?

Mole  Trees take water from the soil and carry it to their leaves. Then they let it out into the air. Trees are a big part of the water cycle. You should look for roots, Willy! Good luck. (exits; put up tree prop)

Willy  Just what I need – some mole advice. Well, here’s a root and…uh oh! I’m being pulled inside! Heeelp! (exits, reappears above tree) Hey! I made it through the tree! (lower tree) Now I’m floating in the air.

Wilma Hi, Willy! I didn’t know you were here in the clouds. How was your ride through the water cycle?

Willy  Well, I got dunked in a pond, washed over a dam, caught up in an eddy, and pumped through a tree trunk.

Wilma That sounds awful!

Willy  Are you kidding? It’s the most fun I’ve had in ten thousand years!

Wilma  Want to do it again? We’re starting to rain and we’re right over the ocean!

Willy  You bet! Let’s drop in for another trip around the water cycle! (spray water)



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