Rocks and Minerals – Puppet Show

The Rock Stars

Characters: Girl, Rock Hound, Granny Granite, Sandy Sandstone, Nora Gneiss.

Props: Sign with the word “GNEISS”; sunglasses attached to back side of rock puppets

Girl  Out you go, Howie, but remember, no digging for bones in the yard! (exits)

Rock Hound  Bones? I’m not digging for bones. I’m a Rock Hound and I’m digging for rocks! (sniffs) I think there’s one here – I’ll just dig a tiny little hole… (Granite appears) And here’s a rock with nice speckles – gray, black, white…

Granny Granite Why thank you.

Hound  Gee, I didn’t know rocks could talk.

Granite  Well, when it comes to rocks, you should never take anything for granite.

Hound  Oh, I get it! You’re a granite rock. What are these different colored speckles?

Granite  They’re the different mineral crystals in me – like quartz and mica.

Hound  Wow! A rock with real crystals!

Granite  Sure. All minerals are crystals, and all rocks are made of minerals. They’re like raisins and nuts in a granola bar!

Hound  But how did the minerals get inside?

Granite  They didn’t get inside! They grew there while I was forming. You’re a rock hound, Howie. You should know that granite is an igneous rock.

Hound  Guess I’m a bit ignorant about ig-nee, ig-nuh …what did you call it?

Granite  Igneous! It means a rock formed from magma – you know, melted rock. Deep underground the temperature is so hot that solid rocks melt into a pool of magma.

Hound  Wow! This is a hot topic!

Granite  Sometimes the magma flows into spaces in the rocks and gets trapped there.

Hound  Stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Granite  Right, so it cools down, very slowly, over millions of years. Crystals grow from chemicals in the magma. The slower it cools, the bigger they grow until we’re, well, rock hard.

Hound  What about when magma comes out of a volcano?

Granite  Then it’s called lava. It becomes igneous rock too – but it cools so quickly, there isn’t time for big crystals to form.

Hound  Wow! You mean rocks melt and then turn into new rocks. That’s ingenious!

Granite No – that’s igneous! But, I won’t be a rock much longer – because of erosion. I’ll get worn down into sand or tiny mineral grains in the soil.

Hound  Not yet, Granny Granite! You’re too special. Come with me! (both exit, hound returns) Hmm, (sniffs) I bet there’s another rock here. I’ll just dig a tiny hole. (sandstone enters) Here’s a rock that’s rough as sandpaper.

Sammy Sandstone  Oh boo hoo! Everyone thinks I’m rough, but I’m just made of sand grains, so I feel rough. I’m really very soft, and I crumble easily. (sniffs)

Hound  Gee, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings! What kind of rock are you?

Sandstone  I’m Sandy Sandstone and I’m a sedimentary rock. I’m made of sediments and it makes me very sedimental (sniffs).

Hound  What are sediments?

Sandstone  Sediments are tiny bits of rocks or sand, or even bits of broken shells.

Hound  Then you’re not an igneous rock?

Sandstone  No, I’m not igneous, but there are bits of igneous rocks in me – little bits of other rocks that got eroded.

Hound  And minerals – like quartz or mica?

Sandstone  Oh yes. Most sand grains are made of quartz, you know.

Hound  How can sand grains turn into rock?

Sandstone  Well, we got buried under tons and tons of other sediments. It was awful! All that weight pressed us closer, and the chemicals in the water cemented us together.

Hound  A rock made from sand pressed and cemented together? That’s mi-rock-ulous!

Sandstone  Yes, but I’ll probably get eroded back into sand. Or maybe I’ll get buried and turn into metamorphic rock! Oh boo hoo!

Hound  Not yet, Sandy Sandstone! Come with me! (both exit, hound returns) I wonder what he meant by metamorphic? That’s what it’s called when a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. But rocks?

Nora Gneiss  Rocks like me! Nora Gneiss (pronounced “nice”). Metamorphic means I changed form. I was granite and now I’m gneiss.

Hound  I try to be nice too.

Gneiss  No, I mean I’m a rock called gneiss.

G-N-E-I-S-S, nice. (Hold up GNEISS sign.)

Hound  That’s a hard way to spell nice! What made you change?

Gneiss   Heat and pressure! I was buried deep under the ocean, and then I got in the way when two continents slid together!

Hound  Heat and pressure? Did you melt?

Gneiss  No, but some of my minerals changed shape and some turned into new minerals! Don’t you just love the new me?

Hound  You are pretty gneiss! Well, do all metamorphic rocks look stripey like you?

Gneiss  Oh no. We can look very different. It depends on what we were before, and how we got changed. I’m sure to change again.

Hound  Not yet, Nora. You’re too nice the way you are. Come with me! (both exit)

Girl  Here, boy. Oh, no! Look at the lawn! Howie! I can see you’ve been digging holes. This is not rocket science!

Hound  No, it’s rock science! See my rock collection. (hold up three rock puppets)

Girl  That pile of old rocks?

Hound  You mean igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks! To a rock hound, these aren’t any old rocks, they’re Rock Stars! (flip puppets to show sunglasses)

Girl  Howie, you’re impossible! But, I love you anyway. Come on, let’s fill in the holes.



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