Skull Sleuthing – Puppet Show

Dinner Guest Dilemmas

Characters: Sally Squirrel, Molly Mole, Willy Weasel, Benjy Bear

Props: foods like corn cobs, apples, blueberries, clover

Sally Squirrel  I hope I have everything ready for my dinner party. My guests should be arriving any time now. (knocking sound) Here’s someone now!

Molly Mole  Hi, Sally Squirrel. Am I the first one here?

Squirrel  Yes, come right in, Molly Mole. May I offer you some acorn appetizers?

Mole  Acorns? Oh, no thank you, Sally. I can’t eat acorns.

Squirrel  Then how about some fir buds? They’re delicious. I cut them myself.

Mole  No thank you, Sally. You’re an herbivore, so your wide, flat teeth are good for grinding up hard nuts and buds. My teeth are not made for eating plants, hard or soft.

Squirrel  Oh, I didn’t realize that.

Mole  It’s because I’m an insectivore. My sharp needle-like teeth are perfect for biting into insects – the crunchier the better. Yum! So who else is coming to your party?

Squirrel  Well, let’s see. There’s Harry Hare, Milly Mouse, and Christopher Cricket…

Mole A cricket? Great! I’ll just wait and eat him!

Squirrel  But Christopher Cricket is my guest – he’s coming to eat dinner, not to be eaten for dinner!

Mole  Ah, I see. That’s too bad. Who else is invited?

Squirrel  Well, I also asked Willy Weasel.

Mole  Willy Weasel? (uneasy) Gosh, um, what time is it? I just remembered I have a very important appointment. Sorry I can’t stay for your dinner party! Goodbye, Sally. (exits)

Squirrel  Bye, Molly! Gosh, that’s too bad… though maybe it’s just as well. Oh look, here comes Willy Weasel now.

Willy Weasel  Hi, Sally! I can’t wait for dinner. It’s nice of you to invite me and you look delicious…I mean you’re looking good. So, who are we having for dinner?

Squirrel  Hi, Willy. Glad you could come. Molly Mole was just here but she suddenly had to leave.

Weasel  Shucks, that’s too bad! Well, one mole wouldn’t go very far anyway. You must have something else planned.

Squirrel  Yes! I have some hickory nuts, butternuts, and acorns.

Weasel  Nuts! I can’t eat a bunch of nuts. Your big front teeth are good for chipping away at hard shells, but I don’t have big chippers like yours.

Squirrel Gee, it looks like you’ve got very large teeth, on the side here – long, pointy ones. I can see them.

Weasel  Those are my canine teeth. They’re good for piercing and killing prey animals, and my sharp molars are good for slicing into meat. Come a little closer so you can see them. I’m a carnivore you know – a meat-eater.

Squirrel  Oh dear. I’m afraid I don’t have anything for you to eat tonight.

Weasel That’s okay. I’ll just eat you! (lunges)

Squirrel  Oh no you won’t! You forgot I’ve got other company coming. Here comes Benjy Bear right now.

Weasel  Well, I’m not afraid of an ol’ bear, but I’ll be going anyway. Dinner without meat is not my cup of tea. (exits)

Squirrel  Phew, that’s one guest I won’t invite again!

Benjy Bear  Hi, Sally!

Squirrel  Hi there, Benjy. I’m glad you showed up just at this moment. Um, I think I am, anyway.

Bear  Well, I’m not one to be late for dinner! Let’s see, what’ve you got to eat here? Acorns, buds – yum!

Squirrel  You like eating plants? Phew, that’s a relief. Your teeth don’t look like herbivore teeth. You’ve got big canines and sharp-looking molars, just like a weasel!

Bear  Yes, but I’ve also got wide, flat molars in the back of my mouth for chewing up plants. I’m an omnivore, you know. My teeth are good for eating just about anything. In fact, you look kind of tasty.

Squirrel  Yu-yu-you eat meat too?

Bear  Sure! Animal, vegetable, anything goes! It all depends on how hungry I am.

Squirrel  And just how hungry are you?

Bear  Very hungry! I always bring a good appetite when I’m invited to a dinner party.

Squirrel I was afraid of that!

Bear  But I’m not picky. I’ll eat whatever I can get my paws on. (moves closer to squirrel)

Squirrel  Uh oh! Wait, Benjy! I’ve got something you can get your paws on right here. (exits, reenters with corn) Here, have some of this corn.

Bear  Mmm, don’t mind if I do. (munches loudly as though eating corn; exit corn)

Squirrel (presents apples) And here are some apples…

Bear  Mmm, I love apples! (munches loudly as though eating apples; exit apples)

Squirrel  (presents blueberries) Here, have some of these blueberries too…

Bear  Blueberries! Yum! (munches berries; exit berries)

Squirrel  (out of breath) And here’s some clover…(presents clover)

Bear  Stop! I couldn’t eat another bite – animal or vegetable! You sure know how to throw a party, Sally Squirrel. I’m so full, (yawn) I need a nap. So long, Sally, and thanks for dinner! (exits)

Squirrel   Phew, lucky I had a good supply of plant food on hand. Next time I have a dinner party, I’ll be sure to invite only herbivores like me. No more insectivores, carnivores, or omnivores. They might eat my guests – or ME!


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