Winter Ways – Puppet Show

It’s Snow Picnic

Characters: Matthew Mouse, Woody Woodchuck, Simone Skunk, Ferdy Fir Tree, Goldy Goldfinch, Heidi Hare.

Props: Sign saying “January 1st,” piece of white fabric to cover stage, dried weed stalk with seed head, cotton balls.

Matthew Mouse  Oh boy! A snowflake in October! Winter’s coming! I should have a party to celebrate winter. I’ll have it in January when there’s plenty of snow. Why, here’s Woody Woodchuck. Hi, Woody.

Woodchuck  Hi, Matthew Mouse. Brrr, it’s cold today! I’m going back in my den!

Mouse  Wait, Woody!  I’m going to have a winter party, in January, and you’re invited.

Woodchuck  January? Um, gee, thanks, but I’ll be hibernating in my den, you know.

Mouse  Hibernating? Is that like sleeping?

Woodchuck  Yes…and no. I’ll be curled up in a ball with my tail over my nose, just like when I sleep. But my heart will beat very slowly and I’ll be nearly as cold as ice. I won’t come out till spring.

Mouse  But won’t you get hungry?

Woodchuck  Hungry? (chuckling) Ho, ho, I’ve been stuffing myself all fall. I’ve got plenty of fat to get me through a long winter.

Mouse  I wish you could come to my party!

Woodchuck Well, I would-chuck if I could-chuck but I can’t-chuck, so (yawn) I’ll see you in the spring…Chuck. (exits)

Mouse  Bye, Woody. (to himself) Guess he won’t be coming!

Simone Skunk  Hello, Matthew. (yawns) You look wide awake this icy morning.

Mouse Hi, Simone! I’m so excited about the snow! I’m going to have a winter party in January, with sliding and building snow mice! I hope you’ll come.

Skunk  Well, I’m not sure. I am dormant in winter, you know.

Mouse  Dormant? What does that mean?

Skunk  It means I’ll be asleep for many weeks. Sometimes I’ll wake up to hunt for a little snack, but then I’ll go back to sleep.

Mouse  I hope you’ll be awake for my party.

Skunk  You’ll know I’m awake if you catch a whiff of me!

Mouse  I’ll invite some birds too, like Sally Swallow. She always loves a party.

Skunk   But Matthew, don’t you remember? The swallows flew south weeks ago.

Mouse  Oh, that’s right! I forgot that lots of birds migrate away. Too bad!

Skunk  Your party sounds nice, but this cold just makes me sleepy. Goodbye. (exits)

Mouse  Oh, boo hoo! No one can come to my winter party! Everyone will be hibernating or dormant or away on migration. Even the plants are all dead.

Ferdy Fir Tree  Golly gee! I’m not dead! I’m not even grown up yet.

Mouse  Oh hi, Ferdy Fir Tree! I can see that you’re still green and have all your needles. I meant all the trees with bare branches.

Fir  They’re not dead – just shut down for winter. They’ll make new leaves in the spring. You’ll see.

Mouse  Well, I’m glad about that. But what about all these dead weeds? (hold up weed)

Fir  The stalks are dead, but those are the living seeds for next year’s flowers, and many weeds have living roots underground.

Mouse  So they’re hibernating – like Woody Woodchuck?

Fir  Well, plants are a bit different from animals, you know. We don’t sleep, but we stop making food when the ground is frozen.

Mouse  Well, Ferdy, since you’re awake, will you come to my winter party? We’ll go sliding and roll snowballs…

Fir  Golly gee, I’m not much good at sliding, but maybe I can make snow cones! I bet lots of animals will come too. That’s my fir-cast, anyway! See you then! (exits)

Mouse  Good! I sure hope so, but who?

Goldy Goldfinch  Potato chip, potato chip! Hi, Matthew! I heard you’re having a party. 

Mouse  Goldy Goldfinch? How’d you hear?

Goldfinch  Gee, I fir-get! I guess some whispering branches told me. Is it true? 

Mouse  Well, I was planning a party, but everyone will be hibernating, or dormant, or away on…hey, aren’t you going to migrate?

Goldfinch  Oh no! We goldfinches stay active like you in winter, and so do blue jays, chickadees, and lots of other birds. And don’t forget hare and deer and porcupine.

Mouse  Are they active in winter too?

Goldfinch  Of course! They’ll all come to your party. I’ll help with decorations! We can make bouquets with all these weeds – and they’ll be full of seeds to eat too.

Mouse  Edible bouquets – yum. But how will you carry them?

Goldfinch  Gee, I’m not sure. I’ll just have to wing it! I’ll let everybody know, okay?

Mouse  Sure! Thanks! Looks like I can have a winter party after all. (both exit)

(put white fabric on stage)

(hold up sign saying, “January 1st”)

Mouse  Hurray! Look at all this snow! Just in time for my big party!

Heidi Hare  Did someone say party, or do my long ears deceive me?

Mouse  Heidi Hare! You’re the first guest!

Hare  I was hopping I’d be on time! Deer, squirrel, and vole are coming too, and all the birds. I hope no one invited fox or weasel!

Mouse  Of course not – but you wouldn’t have to worry. With your white fur, you look like a snowball…hey, that gives me an idea. Take that! (toss cotton ball)

Hare  A snowball fight? Yay! (toss cotton balls at each other and audience) Gotcha!

Mouse  Gotcha back! This is the best way to celebrate winter!



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