Traveling Seeds – Puppet Show

Travel Agents

Characters: Benjy Bear, Mitch Milkweed Seed, Clara Cranberry, Bertie Burdock, Sally Squirrel.

Props: Brown pompom for burdock burr, basket of acorns prop

Benjy Bear  Gee, it’s a breezy fall morning.

Look at all this fluffy stuff in the air. Here’s a bit of fluff caught on a branch.

Mitch Milkweed  I’m not just a bit of fluff. I’m a traveling seed.

Bear  Oh, I seed what you mean. But what’s all that fluffy white hair for?

Milkweed  It’s my parachute. The wind catches it and carries me along. Today’s a great day for seed dispersal.

Bear Seed dispersal? What does that mean?

Milkweed  It means traveling. It’s an important part of our life cycle. Plants can’t travel, but we seeds sure can.

Bear  But why do you seeds need to travel?

Milkweed  Why? Because inside a seed is the beginning of a tiny new plant. I need to get to someplace where I can grow.

Bear  But don’t you need to be on the ground to grow?

Milkweed  Well, sure – but not here in the shade. I need a sunny place. Only now I’m stuck.

Bear  Um, not for long. All that fluff’s making my nose itch. I think I’m going to…ah, ah, ah choooooo!

Milkweed  (flying off) Thanks, Benjy Bear! I’m on my way! You’re a great travel agent!

Bear  Travel agent? Me? Well, I guess I did give that seed a lift.

Clara Cranberry Did you say travel agent? I need a travel agent for my seeds too. I wonder if you could give them a ride.

Bear Hi there, Clara Cranberry. How do your seeds usually travel?

Cranberry Oh, sometimes by air if we get picked up by a bird, or by water if we drop into the bog.

Bear  Wow, you just float away?

Cranberry  Yes, unless we end up in sauce! We are well made for floating.

Bear  I don’t see your seeds, but I’d be happy to give your berries a ride, right down the gullet!

Cranberry  Go right ahead, Benjy Bear.

My seeds are inside my berries. You can eat as many as you like!

Bear  Great! Only I thought you wanted me to help your seeds travel.

Cranberry  Well, that is just what you will do! Everybody has to ‘go,’ if you know what I mean.

Bear  Everybody has to go? Oh, I get it! Heh, heh. You mean your little seeds will go right through me – in one end and out the other. But will they still be able to grow?

Cranberry Of course! They have tough seed coats – so bon appétit! (exits)

Bear  Glad to help out, Clara Cranberry. Mm-mm. I like being the forest travel agent, all right.

Bertie Burdock  I say, Benjy Bear, I need to travel too. Could I hitch a ride?

Bear  Oh, sorry, Bertie Burdock. I really don’t care for burdock seeds. Too prickly!

Burdock  These aren’t my seeds – they’re my seed pods. The seeds are inside.

Bear  Then what are all the prickles for? You must not want your seeds to get eaten.

Burdock  Quite right, I just want a ride. These prickles are really hooks. Come over here and I’ll show you how they work.

Bear  Sure. (burdock sticks to bear) Hey! Now your seed pod’s caught in my fur.

Burdock  Righto! That’s the point, you see.

Bear  But how will the seeds get out of these pods?

Burdock  Easy as one, two, three. When you brush against something, the pod breaks open and the seeds fall out. Thanks for the lift, old fella. Cheerio! (exits)

Bear  I don’t mind carrying around some extra baggage, but now I’ve got itchy burdock burrs in my fur! Guess I’ll go scratch them off on the big oak tree. I can get an acorn snack while I’m there. (walks)

Sally Squirrel  Oh, uh, hi, Benjy Bear. Gee, too bad there are so few acorns today! Well, I gotta go.

Bear  Wait! Sally Squirrel, there were lots of acorns on the ground this morning. What could have happened to them?

Squirrel  Oh well, you know how acorns travel – drop and roll. They just fall right off the tree and roll away.

Bear  They do drop off the tree, but they can’t roll very far. Especially here, where the ground is flat! I think there’s another travel agent at work in the forest. Is it you?

Squirrel  Well, I did bury a few acorns. I’ll need lots of them for food this winter.

Bear  Well, I need them for food right now! I need to put on weight so I can hibernate through the winter.

Squirrel  I guess we both need seeds. But you know, Benjy Bear, seeds need us, too. Some seeds travel by air or water, but lots of seeds depend on animals for traveling.

Bear  Yup. They’d be nowhere without us.

Squirrel  We’re planting seeds for the future! And we eat a lot of them, too.

Bear  Yup, we do, Sally Squirrel. And that gives me the seed of an idea. There are lots of acorns on this oak tree. I wonder if they might be ready to travel.

Squirrel  Maybe they just need a little help from a couple of travel agents! How about you shake and I gather!

Bear  Okay! Here come some traveling seeds! (both exit)

Squirrel  (returns with basket of acorns) Yum! Keep ’em coming, Benjy!

Bear  We aim to please!


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