Flowers to Fruit – Puppet Show

All the Buzz about Flowers

Characters: Sadie Sunflower, Beulah Bumblebee, Charlie Chickadee, Gertie Grass.

Prop: two yellow pompoms for bumblebee’s legs; sign saying, “Bees Welcome, Pollen Here.”

(Sunflower and Bumblebee enter together.)

Beulah Bumblebee (buzzing around sunflower, singing) Oh pollen, so nutritious, oh nectar, so sweet!

Charlie Chickadee  Hi, Beulah Bumblebee, what’s that yellow stuff on your legs?

Bumblebee  Oh, dear! Pollen always gets stuck in my fur. I’ll just comb it up and…(exit, return with pompoms on back legs) pack it onto my leg baskets.

Chickadee  Wow, cool! You got all that pollen from the sunflower?

Bumblebee  Oh yes, and sweet nectar too! I need to bring this load back to my nest, so I’d better buzzzzz off. Bye! (flies off; sunflower remains)

Chickadee  She’s so fuzzy, no wonder the pollen sticks to her! (to flower) Now then, Sunflower! Have you got any seeds for me?

Sadie Sunflower  Seeds? Why, no. I can’t make seeds without pollen, you know.

Chickadee  But you’re covered with pollen.

Sunflower  Yes, but that’s my pollen. I need pollen from another sunflower to make seeds. That’s what my whole show is for.

Chickadee  What show?

Sunflower  See how gorgeous my flowers are – even if I say so myself? It’s so the bees can see me.

Chickadee  I can see you too. You’re hard to miss with those big, bright yellow petals.

Sunflower  Yes, but it’s bumblebees I want to attract. They bring me pollen from other sunflowers.

Chickadee  But that bumblebee took pollen away from you!

Sunflower  Yes, she’ll use some, but she’ll also drop some off on other sunflowers. We all need the pollen to make our seeds.

Chickadee  How does that work?

Sunflower  Well, inside my flower are little ovules –  something like eggs. Each one needs a tiny grain of pollen from another flower to become a seed.

Chickadee Mmm! I love your seeds!

Sunflower  Then you can thank the bees. Bees bring me lots of pollen – so I can make lots of seeds!

Chickadee  So what’s the nectar for?

Sunflower  It’s for the bees too. When they come to drink it, they bring me pollen. I do a lot of advertising to get bees to visit me.

Chickadee  I guess you do! Big yellow flowers, nectar, pollen.

Sunflower  Some flowers have colors and lines that show the bees where to find the nectar, and some even make perfume.

Chickadee  Do all flowers work so hard to attract pollinators?

Sunflower  Well, not all flowers. Look at Gertie Grass over there. I don’t know how she attracts bees at all with that plain green flower. Tsk, tsk, tsk. (exits)

Chickadee  Gee, I like grass seeds too. I hope she gets pollinated. (grass enters) Hi, Gertie Grass! Have any ripe seeds for me?

Gertie Grass  Oh no, no seeds yet.

Chickadee  I bet you need some pollen from another grass!

Grass  Oh yes, that’s just what I need.

Chickadee  But you’re not doing a good job of advertising. No bright petals, (sniffs) no perfume. Do you have any nectar?

Grass  Oh no, no nectar.

Chickadee  And I don’t see any pollen… Ah choo! What’s all this dust in the air?

Grass  That’s my pollen. It’s so tiny and light, it just floats on the air.

Chickadee  Well, at least you have lots of pollen, but you’ll never get any bees to come if you don’t advertise better. I’ve got an idea! Wait here! (exits)

Grass  Well, I’m kind of rooted to this spot.

Chickadee  Here, look! (returns with sign) See, it says, Bees Welcome, Pollen Here. This is sure to attract bees!

Grass  Gee, thanks, Charlie. Only I don’t need bees. All I need is a breeze.

Chickadee  A breeze? You mean wind?

Grass Sure. The wind brings me all the pollen I need. I don’t have to lift a blade.

Chickadee  You don’t need to attract bees?!

Grass No, no bees needed. I just stand here catching pollen and sending mine off on the breeze.

Chickadee Well, I hope you catch lots of pollen. I’ll be back when you’re seedy!

Grass  Oh yes. I’m sure you will. (exits, Sunflower enters)

Chickadee  Hi, Sunflower, guess what?! Grasses don’t need insects. They’re wind-pollinated!

Sunflower  Well, I never.

Chickadee  But however you’re pollinated, you flowers make all those seeds so we birds can eat them. Thank you!

Sunflower  Well, actually, we make seeds for the next generation of sunflowers. But you’re welcome to eat them, because you’re such a messy eater.

Chickadee  What? I am not!

Sunflower  Sure you are. You drop things, like last fall when you dropped the seed I grew out of, right here in the garden.

Chickadee  Oh! That worked out, didn’t it?

Sunflower  It did for me and Bumblebee.

Chickadee  And for me too. Guess I’ll be back when your seeds are ripe – to help with planting next year’s crop!

Sunflower  Okay, then I guess I’ll seed you later! So long, Charlie.

The End