Insect Life Cycles – Puppet Show

Frequent Flyers

Characters: Grasshopper Egg (under grass plant), Grasshopper Nymph, Grasshopper Adult, Monarch Egg (on leaf), Monarch Caterpillar, Monarch Chrysalis, Monarch Butterfly.

Props:  small pompoms  to glue onto egg puppets, “Weeks Later” sign, “Days Later” sign.

Grasshopper Egg  Oh me, oh my. I’m just a tiny egg down under the soil. I’m ready for a change.

Monarch Egg  I’m just a tiny egg, here under this leaf. I’m ready for a change, too.

Grasshopper Egg  I wonder what I’ll be when I hatch. Maybe a buzzy bee, or a dragonfly. Continue reading Insect Life Cycles – Puppet Show

Traveling Seeds – Puppet Show

Travel Agents

Characters: Benjy Bear, Mitch Milkweed Seed, Clara Cranberry, Bertie Burdock, Sally Squirrel.

Props: Brown pompom for burdock burr, basket of acorns prop

Benjy Bear  Gee, it’s a breezy fall morning.

Look at all this fluffy stuff in the air. Here’s a bit of fluff caught on a branch.

Mitch Milkweed  I’m not just a bit of fluff. I’m a traveling seed.

Bear  Oh, I seed what you mean. But what’s all that fluffy white hair for? Continue reading Traveling Seeds – Puppet Show

Birds on the Wing – Puppet Show

Orville’s First Flight

Characters: Orville Oriole, Chelsea Chickadee, Wilbur Wood Thrush, Storm Cloud.

Props: suitcase prop, sign saying “That Evening,” cookie sheet for thunder, palm tree prop.

Orville Oriole Mmm, there’s a bug, yum! I know I’m putting on weight, but this cold weather’s making me ravenous. I wonder when it’s going to warm up.

Chelsea Chickadee  Warm up? Orville Oriole, you mean cool down, don’t you? Another month and there’ll be snow on the ground and ice in the ponds. Continue reading Birds on the Wing – Puppet Show

Winter Ways – Puppet Show

It’s Snow Picnic

Characters: Matthew Mouse, Woody Woodchuck, Simone Skunk, Ferdy Fir Tree, Goldy Goldfinch, Heidi Hare.

Props: Sign saying “January 1st,” piece of white fabric to cover stage, dried weed stalk with seed head, cotton balls.

Matthew Mouse  Oh boy! A snowflake in October! Winter’s coming! I should have a party to celebrate winter. I’ll have it in January when there’s plenty of snow. Why, here’s Woody Woodchuck. Hi, Woody.

Woodchuck  Hi, Matthew Mouse. Brrr, it’s cold today! I’m going back in my den!

Mouse  Wait, Woody!  I’m going to have a winter party, in January, and you’re invited. Continue reading Winter Ways – Puppet Show

Sugar Maples – Puppet Show

The Sweetest Sap

Characters: Sammy Squirrel, Grandpa Squirrel, Fir Tree, Beech Tree, Red Maple, Sugar Maple

Sammy Squirrel  Ya know, these acorns are filling, but I’m getting bored with them. All winter long, nothing but nuts and seeds.

Grandpa Squirrel  Well, Sammy, when I was a youngun, I didn’t sit around complainin’. Warm days in the spring, I’d run up a maple tree and drink the sweep sap. Fills ya full o’ energy, sap does. Puts a real frisk in yer tail.

Sammy  A sweet energy drink? Gee, I gotta try that. See ya, Gramps! (exits) Continue reading Sugar Maples – Puppet Show

Trees in Winter – Puppet Show

A Budding Detective

Characters: Harry Hare, Hawthorn Twig, Staghorn Sumac Twig, Basswood Twig, Cherry Twig, Sugar Maple Twig.

Harry Hare  I am a hungry hare! Now, what should I have for supper? Twigs and buds? A little bark? I’ve eaten all the evergreen twigs I can reach, but it’s hard to tell these bare twigs apart without their leaves. This is going to take some good detective work!

Hawthorn  Haw, haw, haw! You don’t need to be a detective to tell a hawthorn twig. You could find me with your eyes closed!

Hare  Yikes! Those are big thorns! I guess it is easy to tell a hawthorn by its twigs. Continue reading Trees in Winter – Puppet Show

Galls Galore – Puppet Show

A Swell Day

Characters: Reddy Red Squirrel, Willow Pinecone Gall, Oak Apple Gall, Goldenrod Ball Gall, Raspberry Knot Gall.


Reddy Red Squirrel  One piney cone, two piney cones. I love pinecones and the little seeds I find inside them. And I’m counting on them to get me through the winter. Three piney cones…Oh, look! Here’s a pinecone I must have missed.

Willow Pinecone Gall Oh, boo hoo. Everyone thinks I’m a pinecone, but I’m not. If I were a pine, I’d have needles, wouldn’t I?

Squirrel  Hey, you’re right. How can you be a pine without needles? Continue reading Galls Galore – Puppet Show

Songbird Songs – Puppet Show

Bird Talk

Characters: Bernie Beaver, Mr. Cardinal, Chickadee, Mr. Red-winged Blackbird, Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird. Blue Jay, Mrs. Cardinal appear but don’t speak.

Props: headphones.

Bernie Beaver  There! Been working all night and now the dam is fixed. It’s almost morning, so it’s time for me to go to bed. Sure is peaceful and quiet at this hour…

Mr. Cardinal  Wa-cheer, wa-cheer. (exits)

Chickadee  Fee-dee, fee–dee-dee. (exits)

Beaver  Well, it was quiet. I wonder why the birds are so noisy this morning. All Continue reading Songbird Songs – Puppet Show

Dandelions – Puppet Show

Dandelion Defenders


Characters: Dandy Dandelion, Nellie, Willie Woodchuck, Harriet Honeybee.

Props: Trowel, lawn mower, dandelion seed head (or, if available, real dandelion seed head).

Dandy Dandelion I know I’m not wanted here in this garden, but it sure is nice. Rich soil, no shade. I’ve got it made, unless…uh oh, here comes trouble.

Nellie  Hello there, Dandy Dandelion. I love your cheerful flowers! Too bad I have to pull you up, but you don’t belong in the garden. Continue reading Dandelions – Puppet Show

Flowers to Fruit – Puppet Show

All the Buzz about Flowers

Characters: Sadie Sunflower, Beulah Bumblebee, Charlie Chickadee, Gertie Grass.

Prop: two yellow pompoms for bumblebee’s legs; sign saying, “Bees Welcome, Pollen Here.”

(Sunflower and Bumblebee enter together.)

Beulah Bumblebee (buzzing around sunflower, singing) Oh pollen, so nutritious, oh nectar, so sweet!

Charlie Chickadee  Hi, Beulah Bumblebee, what’s that yellow stuff on your legs? Continue reading Flowers to Fruit – Puppet Show

Spiders: Web-Builders and Wanderers – Puppet Show

Spider Olympics

Characters: Woody Woodchuck, Jumping Spider, Winifred Wolf Spider, Crab Spider, Olivia Orb-weaver

Props: goldenrod flower

Jumping Spider  One, two, three…(jumps) One, two, three…(jumps again) Better!

Woody Woodchuck  Hello there, spider! What’s with all the jumping?

Jumping Spider  Hi, Woody Woodchuck. Today’s the day of the Spider Olympics. Bet you’ve never seen so many eight-legged athletes in one place! Continue reading Spiders: Web-Builders and Wanderers – Puppet Show

Tremendous Trees – Puppet Show

Tree-mendous Trees

Characters: Maple Tree, Charlie Chipmunk, Sarah Sapsucker, Sammy Squirrel, Tiny Fir Tree

Maple Tree  (tapping noise) Who’s that nibbling on my toes?

Chipmunk  That was me, Maple Tree, chewing on these little roots down here.

Tree  Listen, Charlie Chipmunk, I need those roots. Look how big my trunk is, and all these branches. I couldn’t stand up without strong roots to anchor me.

Chipmunk  I’ll say they’re strong. They get into cracks in the rock, and start to grow thicker. Pretty soon the rock splits in two! Continue reading Tremendous Trees – Puppet Show

Grasses and Grains – Puppet Show

Stalking the Wild Grasses

Characters: Benjy Bear, Foxtail Grass, Crab Grass, Panic Grass

Props: hunt card; 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of flour on stiff piece of paper.

Benjy Bear  (holding up hunt card) Oh boy, I love these nature scavenger hunts, but sometimes they can be quite challenging! Hmm. It says, “Find a grass plant.” (Foxtail Grass appears) Oh, hello, are you a grass plant?

Foxtail Grass  You bet.

Bear  That was easy. Now let’s see. It says, “Look at the stem and find the nose.” The nose?! I don’t see any nose! Wait a minute, that’s silly! Plants don’t have noses! Even I know that! Continue reading Grasses and Grains – Puppet Show

Predators and Prey – Puppet Show

Red Riding Rabbit and Br’er Fox

Characters: Mother Rabbit, Bunny, Grandma Rabbit, Fox

Props: a briar patch, Grandma’s shawl, sign saying “Meanwhile in Grandma Rabbit’s Thicket”

Mother Rabbit    Listen, Bunny Dear. Grandma Rabbit is not feeling well today. Why don’t you go and visit her? Maybe that will make her feel better.

Bunny    Sure. I’ll cut right through the woods because that’s a faster way to get to Grandma Rabbit’s thicket.

Rabbit   OK, but remember to keep a lookout for danger. Continue reading Predators and Prey – Puppet Show

Skull Sleuthing – Puppet Show

Dinner Guest Dilemmas

Characters: Sally Squirrel, Molly Mole, Willy Weasel, Benjy Bear

Props: foods like corn cobs, apples, blueberries, clover

Sally Squirrel  I hope I have everything ready for my dinner party. My guests should be arriving any time now. (knocking sound) Here’s someone now!

Molly Mole  Hi, Sally Squirrel. Am I the first one here?

Squirrel  Yes, come right in, Molly Mole. May I offer you some acorn appetizers?

Mole  Acorns? Oh, no thank you, Sally. I can’t eat acorns. Continue reading Skull Sleuthing – Puppet Show

Birds of a Feather – Puppet Show

Fine Feathers Fashion Revue


Characters: Blue Jay, Harriet Hare, Wendy Woodcock, Mr. Cardinal, Mr. Mallard Duck.

Props: Loony-bird costume.

Blue Jay Welcome one and all to the

Fine Feathers Fashion Revue!

Hare  What’s a revue?

Blue Jay It’s a show with lots of different performers showing what they can do. Continue reading Birds of a Feather – Puppet Show

Calling All Owls – Puppet Show

The Bedtime Story


Characters: Father mouse, young mouse, Great Horned Owl

Mouse  Daddy, will you tell me a bedtime story?

Father Mouse  Okay, how about a story about an owl?

Mouse  Oooh, a scary story. I like scary stories.

Father Mouse  Once upon a time there was a little mouse, and in the woods nearby there lived a great horned owl. The owl slept all day long, but as soon as it got dark out, it would wake up and sing out into the darkness…(Father exits, owl enters) Continue reading Calling All Owls – Puppet Show

Daunting Defenses – Puppet Show

The Rascally Bandit Strikes Again


Characters: Rocky Raccoon, Patty Porcupine, Toby Turtle, Emmy Eft, Wally Worm, Renee Raspberry, Benjy Bear.

Raccoon Here is the Rascally Bandit, prowling in the dark, striking fear in the hearts of all defenseless creatures! And here comes some prey. Maybe he can catch it!

Patty Porcupine  Hello, Rocky Raccoon.

Raccoon  Oh, it’s you Patty Porcupine. Don’t worry. I won’t eat you.

Porcupine  Eat me? I guess not. With these quills, I’d be a prickly mouthful! Continue reading Daunting Defenses – Puppet Show

Beavers and Muskrats – Puppet Show

The Tales of Two Rodents


Characters: Beaver, Blue Jay, Fox, Muskrat

Props: three or four small sticks; two wooden blocks to bang together to make loud clap, cattail prop.

Cattail prop attached to stage

Beaver  (places a stick on stage) Five, six, pick up sticks, seven, eight, lay them straight.

Blue Jay  Hold it, wait a minute, hold on right there. What are you up to, Bernie Beaver? Continue reading Beavers and Muskrats – Puppet Show

The Buzz on Bees – Puppet Show

It’s a Bee’s Life


Characters: Nellie Girl, Henrietta Honeybee, Earth Fairy, Nellie Bee, Queen Bee, Nellie’s Mom

Nellie  Hi there, Henrietta Honeybee. You sure are busy. You’ve been to every flower in this patch.

Henrietta Honeybee  Yes, I don’t want to miss a single drop.

Nellie  You must be collecting honey!

Honeybee  Honey? Oh no, there’s no honey in these flowers.

Nellie  You mean they’re empty? Continue reading The Buzz on Bees – Puppet Show